30.11.2005 – The death flights of CIA should be stopped!

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The death and torture flights of CIA should be stopped!

Bush and his gang should be judged!

The death and torture flights of CIA should be stopped!

As the Global Peace and Justice Coalition we had a press conference in İstanbul on 30 of November about the death and torture flights of CIA and its using Turkish airspace and Sabiha Gökçen airport. Last week, there was some news about that CIA has been carrying some people, who had been captured by CIA through secret operations, to the secret prisons which was built in the other countries. In the news it was revealed that these prisoners were subjected to torture for years without being on trial. Also in these news it was claimed that among the countries is there Turkey and the territory of these countries has been used by the airplanes which has got torture room in it.Today in the press conference, the spokeman of the Global Peace and Justice Coalition, Nuri Ödemiş said that, “In the Canadian newspapers there were some media coverege about that one of these aeroplanes which departed from İstanbul, arrived Canada on March of 2005. It was confirmed by the Transportation Ministry of Turkey that an aeroplane departed from Baku and recorded in the name of CIA’s paravane company, arrived İstanbul Sabiha Gökçen airport on 15 of November, stayed there for 27 hours and then departured to Amsterdam. As the ministry explained, 27 hours are too long for refuelling, it remains as an unanswered question how long this aeroplane had stayed at the airport and what it had done. As the Turkish citizens we have a right to know that which airports had been used by these CIA aeroplanes and why they stayed for days.”

Ödemiş lined up the claims of the Global Peace and Justice Coalition as followed:

“The Turkish government should launch an inquiry about that if İncirlik Military base had been used by CIA for such operations and or not. Also the government should investigate the operations of Bush and his gang in Turkey. As it had been revealed in the international reports that İncirlik Military base and other USA and NATO military bases might be used as torture centres, the Turkish government should made a satisfactory explanation about these claims. It should not be aloowed these torture aeroplanes’ to use Turkish airspace.”

Among the foundations that was participated in the press conference were 78’ers Foundation, Teacher’s Trade Union, Human Rights Association, Confederation of Public Employees Trade Unions, Human Rights and Solidarity for Opressed People, Turkish Disabled Foundation, Association of Architect and Engineer, The Chamber of Veterinary Surgeons.

Now, as the Global Peace and Justice Coalition we are carrying a campaing titled ‘İncirlik Military base should be closed, USA GO HOME’ until 18 of March 2006. On that thay we intend to have a big demonstration in İstanbul against the occupation with the rest of the world.

Yildiz Onen

Coordinator of the Global Peace and Justice Coalition of Turkey

yildizonen@hotmail.com ,


coalition phone: 0090 2122438957

Mobile phone: 0090 5362196341

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