26.10.2003 – Call for the End of Occupation of Iraq

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Dear Press Workers, Dear Friends,

We are facing an awful occupation in Iraq. If we believe the information reach us, only the American soldiers are being killed in Iraq. It is true that American soldiers are being killed. International expert of strategy say that if these circumstances continue in few months the death toll of American soldiers will be around one thousand.

But this is one side of what has been happening in Iraq. When you consider the size of occupation this part is the small one. After the USA started to bomb Iraq eight thousand people have been killed in Iraq. Some of the press from Europe say one thousand Iraqi’s are killed every week. The Baghdad morgues are full of dead bodies of Iraqi’s.

Bush claimed that he would bring peace, freedom and justice to Iraq. The result of his ambition is this: Iraq population in vain, in blood, in chaos and under occupation.

In Iraq there is no education

In Iraq there is no health services

In Iraq there is no electricity

In Iraq there is no food! They have been feeding themselves in rıubbish.

This is the gift of USA to Iraq, that has second big oil reserves.

The people who shouted “no war” even before the bombing started were right. This is quite clear no lies could hide this truth.

The millions of people who were on the streets of 600 central squares in the world were right. Bush and the arm and oil companies that Bush acts as spokesman of them are liars.

The first lie for attacking Iraq was Iraq has been producing and hiding mass killing arms. Where are they? 8 thousand people who had been killed during bombardment isn’t creating the mass killing? So what is the name of mass killing in Iraq?

Yes!!!! We are very angry, we want to raise our voice. We can not stand the killing of children, women, old people for profits of oil companies, USA hegemony.

But we are not alone. Today is 25th of October. Today anti war activities with soldiers’ families are on streets in Washington. They are raising their voice against USA occupation. There are demonstrations in Japan, South Korea, Thailand. This weekend anti war activities will show once more that Iraqi’s are not alone and people do not believe Bush’s lies.

We as anti war and peace activities of Turkey are against occupation of Iraq. We are against that Turkey is being a part of the occupation of Iraq. We demand that the military expenditure will be restricted, the sources will be used for education, health and social services.

We believe that we could end this occupation.

Küresel Barış ve Adalet Koalisyonu

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Beyoğlu / İstanbul – Türkiye



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