Bia News Center – 13.08.2008 – Press Relase

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Global BAK Finds Both The US and Russia Hypocritical

Bia News Center – 13.08.2008

Global Peace and Justice Coalition criticizes both superpowers, claiming they both do not remember what they have done in countries like Iraq, Afghanistan and Chechnya.

Global Peace and Justice Coalition (Global BAK) told in its statement protesting the war that “Russia is forgetting Chechnya and the USA Iraq and Afghanistan.”

“Russia is trying to give the impression that it is intervening for the Osettian independence, but it forgets that it has massacred tens of thousands of Chechens and not recognized their independence.”

The statement criticizes the USA position too by pointing out to the hypocrisy in the USA politics when it sides with the Osettian independence, but doing exactly the opposite in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Emphasizing the activities it has been conducting against the USA occupation of Iraq, Global BAK indicates that the crazy step Georgia took with the backing of the USA and the NATO and the aggressive Russian reaction afterwards put the region in a very dangerous position.”

“The Turkish government must contribute to the peace process”

Global BAK already accuses Turkey for letting the US use its İncirlik base in the Iraq War. Now it criticizes it for giving military aid to Georgia in the amount of 100 million US dollars and training its army; all this, according to the Global BAK, makes Turkey a side in this war.

“The government must end taking sides immediately and use its resources to help the peace process to take root in the area and heal the wounds of the war.”

Global BAK, which insists that the weapons must stop firing, the soldiers must go back to their original positions and the victims must be allowed to go back to their houses and the damages must be compensated immediately, says “No To War” one more time. (NV/EZÖ/TB)

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