11.02.2004 – ‘We do not want NATO and Bush!’

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To the press and public

‘We do not want NATO and Bush!’

The declarartion made by USA foreign minister Donald Rumsfeld at 11th of February apparently proves how appropriate our “Bush do not come! We do not want you” campaign, which was launched in January, is. Mr. Rumsfeld claimed, in his declaration, that the NATO Summit, which will be held in Istanbul, is a turning point for NATO. The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) has functioned as the umbrella organisation for the military wing of the global capital since it has been founded. The hegemonic power of Western imperialism, the USA, has directed NATO at its own will and NATO has started to function as the police force of the USA against the poverty-ridden and overwhelmed peoples.

We do not want NATO to gather in Istanbul.

United States’ “New American Century Project” incorporates bloody wars of violence, bombardment, occupations, child and civillian deaths, and environmental destruction, as it has been demonstrated in Afghanistan and Iraq. Donald Rumsfeld declared that important decisions regarding Iraq and Afghanistan will be taken in the summit in Istanbul.

Bush, his administration, and NATO commanders are not authorised to decide about Iraq and Afghanistan. The issues of Afghanistan ve Iraq, or the problems called “Al Queda” or “Saddam Hussein” have actually been constructed by the United States, itself.

Mr. Rumsfeld should first start with explaining the lies the US Administration has told to the whole world’s public, rather than touch upon the issue of Afghanistan and Irak, or the NATO Summit. Last week, two key persons of Bush’s War Cabinet, Powell and Rice have made a statement that reads “It is possible that Iraq has no weapons of mass destruction”. They do, in reality, confess that the their alleged reasons for bombing and occupying Iraq were false, and were lies to ask for public support.

Another lie follows, from the declaration of Donald Rumsfeld, claiming that millions of people in Afghanistan ve Iraq have been emancipated. According to the international aid organisations, a significant proportion of Afghani population live under the threat of starvation, and in extreme poverty. Does Mr. Rumsfeld mean that they have freed the people of Afghanistan by bombarding these civilians?

Is Iraq, where everyday bombs explode, %20 of children die due to the lack of medical aid, resistence becomes more and more widespread, ethnic divisions are incited, and has evolved into a state of chaos more emancipated than before? This very much depends on the viewpoint: Madeline Albright, the US foreign minister during Clinton Administration, was asked how she evaluated the death of over 500 thousand Iraqi children due to the US and UN embragoes., and her response was “It was worth it.”

In Iraq over 2 million people has lost their lives since the US military intervention and economic embrago have started in 1990. Contrary to what Rumsfeld claims, the United States has not freed, but exterminated millions of people in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The NATO summit in Istanbul is about NATO to establish itself in Iraq and take on the military command of the occupation.

We, as the Global Peace and Justice Coalition, together with all the Turkish people that stand against war, would like to state once again that we do not want NATO and Bush.

Murderers out of our city!

Bush Do Not Come! We Do Not Want YOU!

In case they insist of coming over and gathering in our city, together with everyone that supports peace in this country, we would like to let them know that they will not be welcome or comfortable in Istanbul. So that we would not be blamed for not to have warned them beforehand.

Global Peace and Justice Coalition,

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