Barışarock 2003 Kampanyası Destek Mesajları

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Dear friends from Yildozen, dear friends of peace,

It is a great honnor to send you the best wishes on behalf of the french coordination against the war in Irak.

The extraordinary mobilisation if the Turkish people during this crisis has been a very strong help to isolate the war mongerers these last months. You showed the world how strong can peoples be when they are united.

The situation of the Irakee people is dramatic. They need to recover urgently their freedom and their sovereignety, and this will only be possible when the troops of occupation will be out of Irak.

They also need the help of all the people of the world  to rebuild their country the way they decide and recover a normal life. The solidarity of all the world and specially the neighbourg countries will be very important in theese processes.

This is why the 100 organisations of the french coordination against the war will keep acting in convergence with all the antiwar movements in the world.

We wish you again a great success for your concert and send you our solidarity.

Yours in peace.

The national coordinator Arielle denis, (Co-president of Le mouvement de la paix)


Dear friends,

I am an Italian peace and environmental activist and since longtime I have been boycotting not only Coca Cola but generally speaking the American corporate and unhealth global foods/beverages. Before the war against Iraq I became a member of the group Idea (International direct actions agsinst the war): our proposal – see the website, was to get the millions of peace activists away from conusming American products, from American multinationals, as they have supported Bush and as anyway they have the power of putting pressure on Bush administration (to say yes or not to the war). I went to Iraq during the war as a peace activist and even there I had hard time trying to convince the American peace activists there to avoid Coca Cola and to consume the local Kufa Cola!

But it is important to focus on Coca Cola because it is a trademark, a symbol. We shall suggest local alternatives, in Italy we have the old and tasty Chinotto, plus a variety of juices. UNfortunately even among the “movement activists” sometimes Coca Cola is the mjust. I still remember when I went in 1996 to Chiapas for the Intergalactica Zapatista meeting. There, the zapatista “tiends” (small shops) sold Coca Cola! Instead of Mexican juices! I found it very inconsistant.

If we want to create another world, let us start from our daily life!

I will now suggest a similar concerto against Coca Cola in Italy (I am a journalist by work). And let me take the opportunity to felicitate Turkish movement as they achieved (along with Turkish people) what no other movements achieved: their government disd not support US war against Iraq! In Italy we were not at all able to achieve it…Bravi!

Marinella Correggia, Italy


“Rock Is Not For Sale”

We extend our warmest greetings to the “Rock for Peace” initiative and your concert. Your answer to the multi million dollar Coca Cola concert is a demonstration of the same spirit of resistance that brought hundreds of thousands of people in the streets of Turkey and blocked the participation of your country to the invasion of Iraq and we are certain will block the efforts of your government to send troops now as a part of the infamous “Coalition of the willing”.

We regret that we are not able, at least some of us, to be at the “Rock for Peace” concert, but we will be “Camping for Peace and Against War” in North Cyprus on the same weekend. This will be the first bi-communal camping where Greek and Turkish Cypriots will be together for a weekend.

We started our activities on the 26th of June with a joint commemorative ceremonies in memory of Turkish and Greek Cypriot innocent victims of war.

We the Bi-Communal Initiative Against Nationalism and War are trying to build, on the  feelings of the great wave of people that crossed the borders in Cyprus, a common bi-communal fight for peace and democracy on the island. A fight that will unite us with the big and small fights against the occupation of Iraq and for a Free Palestine. A fight  that will unite us with the struggles for a different world. A world without wars is possible.

In solidarity

Bi-Communal Initiative Against Nationalism and War


Dear friends ,

Multinational corporations like Coca-cola are responsible for the misery of millions across the planet.They are the pillars and the beneficiaries of capitalist globalization strategies guided by IMF, World Bank, WTO.

Above all the management of this multinational is wanted for the murder of tradeunionists in Colombia.

They are wanted for the support of US and UK troops that occupied Iraq and killed thousands of civilians, children and journalists.

From the other side of the Aegean Sea the antiwar and anticapitalist movement sends  fraternall regards to all of you.

We have nothing to figth each other but a whole world to win by developing the antiwar and anticapitalist movement in Greece, Turkey and Cyprus both in North and South.

With our best wishes for the success of your concert,

Petros Constantinou, Campaign GENOA 2001-Greece

Yiannis Sifakakis, Stop the War Coalition Greece


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