29-30.11.2008 – Balkan Antiwar Conference – Atina

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Balkan Antiwar Conference

The antiwar movement after the US elections

It’s a hot point, very crucial days but isn’t a revolution. We are not  face to face of a fork in a road after the election of November 4 th.

*US’s so called “the arrangement for the 21th century” plans changed?

*US’s target of global domination the world changed?

*US’s aim to control and command on Access to old and new oil and gas resources changed?

*US’s wish to control and influence different nations’ governements  changed?

*US’s targets to secure certain states and corporations interest at the cost of democracy, justice and sovereignty around the world changed?

*arm industries’ and oil companies’ profit hunger satisfied?

Can be our answers “yes”?

Shall be our answers “yes” with Obama’s presidency and governement?

If not; nothing changes or there *nothing new in west side as songs said.

We consider Obama’s victory;

· as a bancrupty of Bush’s policies and administration,

· victory of US’s opposition movement and theire struggle ,

· victory of all around the world opposition movements against US’s domination US’s militarization targets.

Global Peace and Justice Coalition (BAK) in Turkey continue its policies  and relative plans according international anti war movement’s decisions, as nothing happened.

In these days we run 3 main campaigns.

1- We have continued our “Shut down İncirlik Air Base” since April 2005. We organize national and  international meetings, press releases, and we pubblicied second İncirlik brochure.

Because İncirlik Air Base *still there;

with its 90 nuclear weapons,

· still it *very close to dominations targets: 950 km far from

· Baghdad, 1.450 km from Tehran and 2.000 km from Strait of

· Hormuz and 8 hours distant to Afganistan by air,

· still it *very important direct and indirect logictic support to Iraqi War since Gulf War and to Afganistan Operations.

2- We run international campaign: “No to NATO no to War” and “60 Years of NATO *enough”.

We already;

· pubblicied our first brochure,

· a press information file,

· a 10 minutes power point demostration for meetings,

· organized a first anti Nato seminar on 10 of September

· we had an information stand during İstanbul Book Fair on first days of November and distribueted brochures.

We working on;

· A big and detailed brochure especialy for the members of Turkish Grand  National Assembly, Parliament and of cours for Universities and dpublic.

· A big traveling archives photos, newspapers and radio news exhibition of NATO, since 1950 to today, in Istanbul, Ankara, İzmir and Adana.

· 4 concerts in February and March.

· The subject of 3.Traditionaly Peace Fair on 28-29 March will be NATO.

· Between 23th of Mrch and 2th of April a “Anti NATO Valley” organisation in İstanbul.

· Between 30th od March and 2th of April “Anti-Nato Conference”.

· And final big meeting on 4th of April.

3- For 2009, new year budget we run campaign about “We don’t want budget of war”.

We organized two talks: “Anti war activists challenge to the budget” and “We don’t want war but life”.

Today, on 29th of Novenber, there will be a big meeting of labor unions in Ankara.

We are agaist the proportion of Defence Ministry in National Budget and we ask the decrease of it and increase of the proportion of humanitarian expenses. ( For 2008; %6 of National Budget belonged to Ministry of Defence, %7 Ministry of Education and %4 Ministry of General Health).

The result of the election in US *of course a victory of fo our oppression movement and struggle, eighter in Us or all around the world. But it *clear that its not a happy and. The resolution remains on pressure the governement, parliaments and senates into action by final victory. The anti-war movements it’*one of the important actions on disarmament, arm controls, and non proliferation.

For final victory,

We have to continue our oppresion on anti-bases movement.

We have to continue to aware of the dangers, abuses and usurpations the public.

We have to devellop  powerful, cooperative and integrated strategies for the movement.

Because our aim *to built a free, just and peacful world for ourselves, for our children and the future generation.

For peace, freedom and justice.

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