16.05.2007 – No Bases Network

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International Network for the Abolition of Foreign Military Bases

Dear friends:  Greetings of peace.

The International Network for the Abolition of Foreign Military bases   (No Bases!) was formally established in a successful conference attended by over 400 participants from 40 countries in Ecuador in march 2007.

The conference was a milestone in building a global movement for the abolition of bases worldwide. it is the culmination of over three years of bringing people together, raising public awareness of the issue, and building the organizational foundation of the network. But it also marks a new phase in advancing the struggle forward. 

To strengthen the network’s capacity for collective action towards our common vision, the conference participants reached a strong consensus on establishing an International Coordinating Committee (ICC) with the following roles and responsibilities:

* to coordinate the network’s implementation of global campaigns in support of the network’s objectives, in fulfillment of the network’s principles and bases of unity, and within the mandate granted by the network

* to facilitate and coordinate efforts to support local struggles in support of the network’s objectives worldwide

* to act as the reference for ongoing engagement with the global public on the issue of bases by issuing timely statements, providing required information, and connecting the media with organizations at the forefront of struggles against bases

* to facilitate information-sharing, communication, and translation among the organizations, movements, and coalitions within the network

* to develop and strengthen the network’s internal organizational and coordination capacity

* to reach out to anti-bases activists that are not yet within the network, especially in critical areas where the network has few or no contacts

* to establish and deepen strategic alliances with other movements and institutions

* to mobilize and generate resources for the implementation of the networks’ campaigns and internal capacity-building

The ICC is not a position of power but of responsibility. As agreed upon at the conference, it cannot make decisions and take positions beyond those that have been agreed upon by the network, as articulated in the declaration. Its mandate is limited to implementing the network’s projects and plans and strengthening the network’s internal coordination.

ICC members are expected to actively participate in the committee by joining e-mail discussions, attending conference calls and face-to- face meetings, and carrying out agreed tasks in fulfillment of the ICC’s role. There will be no financial or other non-monetary compensation for membership in the ICC; members are expected to raise their own resources in fulfilling their tasks as members. If such funds are not available to members, the ICC may cover some costs associated with ICC participation.

In recognition of your commitment to the movement, we would like to

invite your organization to be part of this committee. Please discuss

this invitation within your organization. Should you decide to accept

the invitation, please get back to us with a formal letter by july

29, 2007 (mail to nobases@yahoo.com). The letter should,

1. describe the profile and character of your organization

(whether local, national, or regional, focus of work, etc)

2. indicate the names and contact details of at least two

representatives from your organizations who will sit in the committee

3. explain what concretely your organization can contribute to

the committee

4. briefly relate what your vision is for the committee and the


5. support letters from other organizations and networks will

also be helpful

In light of the network’s open, pluralist, and diverse character, the

ICC should be open to all organizations who subscribe to the

network’s bases of unity and objectives, as articulated in the

conference declaration. Based on the responses and information we

get, the interim ICC will seek to prioritize representation from a)

the marginalized sectors of the world (the global south, women and

lgbt, youth, etc); b) local and grassroots communities especially

those active in anti-base struggles and from underrepresented regions

(africa, west asia, etc); c) and, organizations and networks with

mass membership or broad constituencies, especially those with

demilitarization experience. Any decisions that will be taken are

intended to include, not to exclude, by ensuring social, geographic,

gender, and generational balance.

The responsibilities and expectations from ICC members are immense;

so will their contribution to achieving a free, just, and

demilitarized world. We hope you will seriously consider this

invitation and we look forward to your reply.

Thank you very much.

In solidarity,

Interim International Coordinating Committee

Peace and justice service [servicio paz y justicia](serpaj-e)

Confederation of indigenous nationalities of ecuador [confederación

de nacionalidades indígenas del ecuador] (conaie)

Regional advisory foundation on human rights [fundación regional de

asesoría en derechos humanos] (inredh)

Campesino social security [seguro social campesino](confeunassc)

Pro-human rights collective [colectivo pro-derechos humanos](prodh)

Tohallí movement [movimiento tohallí]

Ecumenical human rights commission [comisión ecuménica de derechos

humanos] (cedhu)

Conscientious objector group [grupo de objetores de conciencia](goce)

Asociación cristiana de jóvenes de ecuador acj-ymca ecuador

US peace council

Nonviolence international

American friends service committee

Stop the war coalition- philippines

Campaign for the demilitarization of the americas

Focus on the global south

Fellowship of reconciliation

Hemispheric social alliance


Transnational institute

Asian peace alliance – japan

Japan peace committee

For mother earth

Pakistan peace coalition

Campaign for nuclear disarmament

War resisters international

World peace council

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